Panther Consultant Planners Pty Ltd is an independent Urban and Regional Planning and Project Management consultancy committed to achieving the highest standards of professional planning practice through excellence and innovation, flexibility and responsiveness.  We are based on the Gold Coast and can service all of Queensland and interstate clients. We have proven capabilities in all project types including:

  • Commercial office, retail, industrial developments
  • Renewable Energy facilities
  • Health and Human Services sector developments and programs
  • Tourism and Resort developments
  • Residential, High-Density, Multi-Residential, Mixed-use development and Residential Estates
  • Master-planned communities
  • Affordable Housing developments, and social and public housing programs

We are a “professional networks” driven practice.  We identify potential partners that our clients can work with to achieve desired development outcomes. Our business uses a varieties of tools and instruments to deliver quality outcomes for our clients. Tools used can include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Stage Gate processes
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Impact analysis – social and economic where relevant
  • Scenario analysis – e.g. fiscal and infrastructure costs
  • Performance-based planning – e.g. performance criteria where relevant
  • Preparing, lodging and project managing the delivery of development applications

The Development Application process

The Development Application process can be broken down the following steps in most jurisdictions:

  • Lodgement of the Development Application
  • Council accepts the Development Application – issues a notice to acknowledge the application is compliant and/or issues a request for further information
  • Applicant responds to Information Request
  • On occasion, public submissions may be possible for a development
  • Council and state agencies assess the Development Application and supporting information
  • Council issues the Development Permit

Unlocking your property’s potential

Do you own or have invested in land and are considering capitalisation through development?

Are you considering expanding your business and need more space or new space that provides opportunities to engage fully into the Internet of Everything? Do you have a diverse property portfolio or wish to build one?

If you’re not absolutely certain your current investments will support you in the lifestyle of your choosing, or that you’ll have access to funds as and when you need them, it is imperative to considering building a property portfolio, now.

Working with a team of professionals will save you time, costly errors and frustration. Our team can assist you in identifying property options that meet your need and risk profile. Working through a clearly defined process of urban planning, yield and cost analysis, we can help to clarify things greatly.

As part of a network of land and development professionals, we can clarify the opportunities in terms of cost to develop and return on investment models. We leave the tax and related broader financial impacts on your business or you personally to the accountants and financial advisers.


By partnering with Panther Consultant Planners Pty Ltd, you’ll gain insight in to extraordinary investment opportunities through our network of professionals and regular review of property pages.

More home and land-owners are partnering with developers and/or development professionals to maximise the return on their land. Of course, there are a number of reasons why partnering with Panther Consultant Planners Pty Ltd is the most astute decision you can make for the future of you and your family, and/or your business. Our development model focuses on three essential steps.

We work in partnership with our clients and team of professionals to identify the highest, healthiest and best use of a site, based on the development scope and risk profile favoured by our client

We work to maximize the opportunity for the development to be profit generating and as painless a process as possible through rigorous cost and yield analysis, providing high quality professional services and understanding the requirements of the regulatory authorities

With our network of professionals, we will project manage the development approvals process, through construction to market delivery, helping you retain your peace of mind and allowing you to be completely ‘hands-off’, while ramping up your profits.

Exceptional support-focused services

Extracting maximum value from a development site relies on the successful acquisition of a suitable development approval (DA). Securing a development approval is not always a straightforward process and without explicit knowledge of how to best negotiate and liaise with Councils, the process can be disappointing to say the least.

Panther Consultant Planners Pty Ltd and its network of professionals manage the entire DA process on your behalf – Architects, Builders, Engineers, Designers and Risk Assessors, Economists and environmental professionals. Each supplier synergistically enhances overall value and contributes the requisite skills and support to make each development a resounding success.

We understand the process from the inside out and negotiate to fulfil everyone’s needs. To date, Panther Consultant Planners Pty Ltd has a success rate of over 97% for development applications submitted for approval.

Collective Vision

Operating within a network of accomplished professionals for a common goal, we work in partnership with our shared clients to re-imagine a site’s true potential, bringing insight, innovation and ingenious solutions, both strategically and operationally. An incomparable creativity flows into every aspect of our projects, enabling us to extract maximum profit for all parties involved.

Why wait to capitalise on your asset? Partner exclusively with Panther Consultant Planners Pty Ltd and reap the rewards that await you.

Call us today on +61 419 653 841, or email for more information.

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